A reunion with myself

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.”

(Søren Kierkegaard)

During the last four years, I went through three experiences that greatly impacted the awakening process that I am living today: I left a successful career after a decade, I moved to another city and became a mother for the third time. The first event confronted me with my pride, my self-esteem and my belief in what I considered to be a productive person. The second, gave me a break, a need for change that was waiting to be fulfilled, added to a new challenge that was to create a new social circle. The third, brought me discoveries on an unknown subject, as was the world of immunological diseases. All three brought a determination of change that my life required and which I never thought I had in me before.

I describe those years as: were you afraid to face your fears? Well, take these. Let see what you do with that. Uncertainty, failing in what I and others expected from me, loneliness, illness, a crisis of not recognizing myself, discomfort with my body, the discomfort of expressing myself, guilt, started to reveal themselves one by one. As if they could not be hidden one day more under the control that I exercised on them.

Previous those years, one day I heard about life coaching. It caused me great interest because at that time there was already a thorn in me to make a change in my professional area. The coach talked about sessions that helped generate personal goals and define an action plan. She talked about a trip to self-knowledge and assume our potential. I thought it would be amazing to attend a training about it. Not only to put knowledge into practice in the professional field as a team leader, but it would also give me an idea of what I wanted to make of my life if it was not to continue working in a corporation.

And so, I did. I attended a job training that, despite being very short, did nothing but reaffirm my desire to learn and practice this discipline. I investigated where I could study it, but quickly realized I didn’t have the means. The cost was high, I had to travel and the schedules and responsibilities of my work would not allow me. Now I know, I wasn’t ready to live what Coaching had reserved for me. Time passed, and the thorn was still there. I listened to podcasts, watched videos, read articles, books, listened to lectures. In short, my learning path continued to become a better group leader and later to make use of everything in my power to remove the heaviness I felt with the new changes in my life.

However, I’ve learned deep-seated emotions always catch up with me. Months ago, I had one of those “difficult days” that, between my complaints, crying, frustration, anger with myself and desire for change, my husband remind me about Coaching. He said: “What about formal studies in Coaching? You have been going around with that topic for many years now.” At first, I felt a huge emotion in my body, very excited, the smile returned to my face, like a long-time dream waiting to be awakened. However, the rational person that I frequently appear to be woke up as well, and two minutes later my doubts, my insecurities made a counterattack. Can we afford it? What about our kids? Who takes care of the little one? Do I dare? There are already so many coaches, how am I going to differentiate? But intuition is never wrong.

After the battle between my emotions and mind, I decided to look for options and found. My heart had it clear “I want to do the Master on Coaching and Personal Leadership”. I made the most powerful and positive declaration in years, This would be my first step to re-discover myself, redirect my professional life, and reconnect with the outside in the way I dreamed. I will share with others a path of reinvention, full of new possibilities that did not exist before.”

A couple of months later, with a backpack full of nerves, fears, illusions, desires, determination and challenges I arrived in Barcelona. I went with the idea of ​​learning a methodology, and I was welcomed with a challenging, confrontational learning process of myself and moreover very enriching. I must confess that I cried every single day in class. Emotions were in full bloom. There is so much power, clarity, and compassion about to explode once you surrender to an inner journey while sharing it with others who go in search of the same. I was grateful and enjoyed it immensely.  

Now, I feel my time has arrived to share what I’ve been learning beyond a classroom. I found a new path and I want to start sharing it with the world! I strongly believe it has the power to transform lives in a multiplied way. If I generate well-being for myself and in my environment, it will certainly generate the same for others. It is a journey of bravery, giving voice to the inner reflection, questioning convictions, recognizing values ​​and competences. It resonates, is full of creativity, openness, and expansion that takes you outside the comfort zone. I will be frank, sometimes this road makes me nervous because I am not sure what the next step will be. But experiencing a coaching process myself inspires me and in the same way, I would like to inspire others.

If you would like to experience a Coaching Process for yourself, I would be happy to accompany you on your journey. Contact me HERE.

Thank you for reading!


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