Hi I’m Edith. I’m an expatriate, a mom of three, an experienced corporate leader and a lifelong passionate of positive psychology, responsible parenting, self-leadership, and coaching. I’m here to share with you my path and through my experience be your companion to reconnect with your self-worth, professional identity and to craft a purposeful life, while you are moving around the world, being a parent and being true to yourself.

As an emigrant myself, and rising my children in a bicultural multilingual family, I understand first-hand what it’s like to feel that you have lost part of your identity, your self-confidence and to miss the sense of accomplishment that comes from putting off using your own talents. I also know how challenging can be that guilt feeling of not “doing” enough, procrastinating decisions, and setting unrealistic expectations in others. Those have affected my adaptation to a new culture, my parenting style, the relationship with my spouse and most important the relationship with myself.

Not long ago, I comprehended that living abroad and being challenged by the multiple roles in life does not mean to sacrifice self-worth and follow own interests. It is possible to reconnect with your purpose and redefine your identity on your own terms at any moment, no matter the age or life struggles.


  • I was born and raised in Mexico. I studied in the United States and have lived since then in Africa and for over 10 years in Europe.
  • I am a graduated coach. Completed a second master’s degree in Coaching and Personal Leadership in the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  • In my professional career I have gone through the field of shopping for a restaurant chain; marketing and customer service in the IT industry; administrative clerk in the oil industry; Operational manager and team leader for a multinational company in the area of ​​outsourcing. accounting and financial services.
  • Assisted training: AIESEC, project management, team leadership, changemakers course, coaching in neuroplasticity, coaching teams, time management and assertiveness, among others.
  • Some of my characteristics: independent, adaptable to changes and committed to their interpersonal relationships. Flexible, self-motivated to achieve goals, who values ​​family harmony and social integration, generating the desire to change the world.
  • My five main values: Personal development, Authenticity, Respect, Gratitude, Sensitivity.
  • Personal Interests: Positive and humanistic psychology, Self-knowledge, Neuroplasticity, Neurolinguistics, Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Responsible Maternity, Parent Coaching, Natural Lifestyle, Emotional Management, NLP, Holistic Life, Social Entrepreneurship, Minimalism, Practices 0- Waste, Healthy Eating, Physical Health, Spirituality, Literature, Vocational Education, Children / Teenagers Education, Travel, Culture Adaptation, Traditions Promotion, Photography, Painting, Music, Dance, Theater and Sewing.

So, if you are: 

  • a parent or becoming one
  • living or moving abroad,
  • experiencing identity crisis,
  • career change,
  • searching personal empowerment,
  • finding your vocation,
  • procrastinating your calling,
  • troubles to find balance in life,
  • looking to move to the next level on your professional life,
  • feeling stuck,
  • missing your contribution to the community,
  • building your relationship with your kids
  • and searching to be the perfectly imperfect parent– this space is for you.

I want to accompany you to find your way, claim sovereignty over it and enjoy recognizing a complete being, without explaining or apologizing. Let’s have Conversations through Coaching and Personal Leadership tools to transform your perception of yourself and the way you live life.

Starting from you is where the real change begins!