5 Questions for meaningful self-awareness during a career pause (From an Expat Mom’s Perspective)

Planning to return to work after a career break due to maternity or a change of residence can be an overwhelming process. I know it because I have been there more than once. Both transitions have opened the path to what I desired; new knowledge, rich life experiences, and diversified possibilities. Therefore, it’s an extraordinary change. Positive expectations and fears come together in the challenges of risk taking.

5 preguntas para cultivar el autoconocimiento durante una pausa en la carrera profesional (desde la perspectiva de una mamá expatriada)

Tratar de volver al trabajo después de una interrupción en la carrera debido a la maternidad o un cambio de residencia puede llegar a ser un proceso abrumador. Lo sé, ambos procesos han sido giros clave en la narrativa de mi historia profesional. Aun así, cada nuevo comienzo ha sido deseado con tal anhelo a lo desconocido que fue suficiente impulso para dejar atrás todo lo que hasta entonces me era conocido.

Time for Change: Transitioning the unexpected

Seldom, we take the time to self-reflect and explore our emotional well-being during or after an unexpected change. Yet, prioritize self-awareness and self-leadership might be a game-changer on our well-being as we go through the process from distress to adaptation.