This website was born with the idea to have a cathartic release through writing. It is the place to keep documented the experiential learning of my master’s studies in Coaching and Personal Leadership and the professional redirection that follows. I wanted to leave a record of the feelings I’ve been experiencing; the challenges; the changes of perspective; the reflection; the confusion; the moments of consciousness; and those of transformation. I wanted to share what I learn along the way, what serves me and what inspires me.

In this space, I intend to share and capture my personal journey through self-discovery. From books and conferences, to trips, experiences, and people who have touched my life in one way or another.

There is no greater purpose than to create a space of positivism. Here you can find stories and tools that accompany the process of overcoming fears, frustrations, beliefs, assertions that are unfounded; which limit and hurt, and more important that can be transformed or let go. You can also find stories, activities, simple ideas and technics on how to reconnect with your own identity, how to create new goals and how to commit to achieving them.

Through this blog, I want to reach people all over the world. To young people and adults, to parents and mothers, to dreamers and warriors, to the brave and daring, to those who want to love themselves a little more, to those who need to forgive, to those who are in their own search for meaning, and want to share with me the value that as unique beings they already have to give.



Undertake independently and successfully in the field of coaching on topics, such as self-knowledge, vocation, action leadership, and well-being. Create practice spaces and connect with interesting people through collaborations, social networks, travel, and training.


To achieve my challenge in the next five years I will dedicate myself to four specific objectives:

  • Exercise as a professional coach through online and in-person 1:1 sessions. Accompany people in their search for a meaningful life. People who are undergoing a process of transformation in their personal, professional, and vocational areas. Persons who wants to regain their identity while they are moving globally.
  • To reach people with similar interests through this bilingual space. Make use of social networks to promote self-discovery, leadership of action and well-being from an integral level (body, mind, language, emotion and spirit). Sell ​​and promote my services.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, foundations, schools, social entrepreneurs or other spaces that have the interest of developing, and promoting self-discovery journeys as it is the reflection of our own personal, professional, social and environmental impact.
  • Maintain my own approach to prosperity and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and family well-being.

I wish that, as I have found in Coaching a reunion with myself, a path of inspiration, and a space to define objectives and commitment, this space and myself can contribute with a little bit or a little more to your own.

Thank you for being here and welcome!