“The best thing you can do for others is not to show them your wealth, but to make them see their own”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How we can work together

I invite you to make a reflection taking into account the emotions that arise in the moment. Take paper and pencil.

Now reflect on what is happening that does not allow you to have a happy face on that given area of your life. What actions should you stop doing, or start doing that will help you to remove the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be? How your current situation makes you feel?

This is Coaching! Coaching is a peer relationship where the coach facilitates through his/her own experience and knowledge the personal path taken by the coachee (client.) It is the client who discovers, who learns, who decides. Any real change will arise from the coachee attitude, commitment, and desire to change and transform his/her life in the area that have decided to work.

First session is FREE

During this call, we we’ll get to know each other a little better. You will experience a mini session in action. We’ll talk about where you are now in your life, what you long for, what are your challenges, your thoughts. I’ll answer any questions you may have. I’ll also let you know if and how I think I can support you. The Discovery Session will help us decide whether we both decide to continue and embark on a Coaching process

Coaching results come with a process, not individual sessions. That’s why process usually varies and takes more than once session.

6 to 10 sessions, is the usual depending on the challenge set by client and last for around three months.

We may have sessions weekly or bi-weekly depending on your choice and the intensity of the goals set during the session.

1:1 sessions are 1h long and you have free email access to me in between.

Our sessions happen online wherever you are, via a video platform or phone. After each session, I’ll send you a recap e-mail for your reference.

The coaching process takes place in a field free of judgement, complete confidentiality and respect for both parties. It is dynamic and interactive. It has a beginning and an end, with definition of clear goals and actions to achieve.

Transform the “I don’t know how”, “I can’t”, “I am”, “It’s not my fault”, “If”, “I must do” for “I understand now”, “I can”, “I let go”, “I take responsibility”, “I recognize new possibilities”,  “I want to start”.